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  • Dear Greylock Together,Last week was the Fourth of July.  It is celebrated by some as a day of patriotism and American values, and that makes some progressives uncomfortable.  What is there to celebrate, they w […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Every day, we lose Americans to gun violence.  It’s monstrous and entirely preventable, as the record of the Australian gun buyback shows.  And gun control starts with gun knowledge.  If we […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,It’s been a crazy time, but we’re going to get started gearing up again.  We’re beginning to meet in person again soon, and we’re going to throw a community picnic, and we’re going […]

    Please join the community tomorrow (Tuesday) for a vigil marking the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police. All are welcome. The students of Buxton School will be pa […]

    Dear Greylock Together,WILLIAMSTOWN TOWN ELECTION is Tuesday, May 11! Please VOTE and spread the word! (7 am to 8 pm at Williamstown Elementary School) or Download your ballot application right now and drop it […]


    Dear Greylock Together,It’s kind of crazy how much is going on.  Maybe it’s not, though?  There’s a lot of things to do and people to help, after all.  Check out some of the link […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Thanks to ALL who were able to attend our membership meeting on Sunday—we had over 40 participants!  With the calculated and unveiled attacks on voting rights across the country, NO […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Tomorrow afternoon we have our monthly meeting on Zoom.  The meeting will last from 3:00 to 4:30.  Here is the Zoom link (meeting ID 895 9332 3594; mobile link + […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,The horrifying murders of eight people in Atlanta massage parlors, six of them Asian women, are an example of so many toxic things in our society: anti-Asian racism, misogynist violence, […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,We are outraged at the news that the Williamstown Police Department broke the law and our community’s trust by engaging in retaliatory investigation of those citizens who have raised c […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Today marked the final step for the American Rescue Plan Act, which is a terrible name for a great new law.  It was begun in the House, which we helped flip in 2018.  It was a […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,
    “For nine months, Williamstown community members have spoken out, attended every single Select Board meeting to ask questions and force transparency, emailed, called, organized t […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Just a few quick notes — full newsletter next week.Berkshire Mutual Aid.  Berkshire Mutual Aid has been doing amazing work since the start of the pandemic, scrambling and bartering to get […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Maybe you’re following the big-ticket items on the news.  I understand they’re chatting in the Senate about an out-of-work insurrectionist these days, for example.  And you’ve probably see […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Yesterday, we watched as President Biden replaced Trump and Majority Leader Schumer replaced McConnell.  And it was great!  We laughed, we cried, and we clapped.  Good times!But today, we […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,”Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Last week,the legislature passed an Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy, and Governor Baker has until this today to sign it.    
    The bill repres […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,Well.  That was a hell of a thing, wasn’t it?The House in 2018.  The presidency in 2020.  And the Senate in 2021.  President Trump will leave office broadly recognized as a pro […]

  • Dear Greylock Together,There are only a few days left before the Georgia runoff elections that will decide control of the Senate.  It is — shockingly, unbelievably, amazingly — nearly a tossup.  Do you want to […]