Greylock Together is one of thousands of Indivisible groups fighting for progressive values and a stronger democracy. We are grassroots, loosely structured, and action-oriented.

We are committed to FLIPPING THE SENATE Together in 2020!  Join us as we support Democratic challengers in the following Senate races:  Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana and North Carolina.  Find our event page here.

Meetings are in Williamstown (Williamstown Youth Center) and in North Adams (UNO Center), every other Sunday from 3:00-4:30.  See the calendar below for dates. Please note that due to the coronavirus, in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice.

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6/21/20 Wtown Select Board BLM Notice

Dear Greylock Together, Tomorrow night (Monday the 22nd) at 7:00 pm, the Williamstown Select Board is meeting.  One of the issue they will be considering is whether or not to paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on Spring Street, as proposed by Randy F. in a recent letter to the board.  The…
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6/18/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, There are big events happening this weekend in both Williamstown (on Friday) and North Adams (on Saturday).  Now is the time when you might decide that you did enough — you went to a protest and made some calls, and now there’s other stuff going on in…
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6/2/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together,“I want their hearts to be broken,” Ricky Grant, in conversation during a #BlackLivesMatter Town Hall with Senator Markey on 5/31. “I want you to please, don’t be defensive and please look at what’s happening and allow your heart to be broken. Once your heart breaks you will…
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5/27/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together,There’s a lot going on, so let’s get right to it.Phonebanking for Sara Gideon.  To flip the Senate in 2020, we MUST win Maine. Susan Collins was the deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and to pass the 2017 Republican tax bill. She has moved…
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5/20/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together,Reporting on people quietly staying at home or doing their best to socially distance while doing essential work is… well, boring.  So it’s not surprising that the media is spending a lot of time reporting on people flouting the common-sense precaution of wearing a mask.  You get a…
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