Greylock Together is one of thousands of Indivisible groups fighting for progressive values and a stronger democracy. We are grassroots, loosely structured, and action-oriented.

We are committed to FLIPPING THE SENATE Together in 2020!  Join us as we support Democratic challengers in the following Senate races:  Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Montana, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  Also see our partners Force Multiplier, who have worked with us to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause!

Meetings are in Williamstown (Williamstown Youth Center) and in North Adams (UNO Center), every other Sunday from 3:00-4:30.  See the calendar below for dates. Please note that due to the coronavirus, in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice.

We have spent the four years since our inception working ceaselessly on a thousand different fronts.  Greylock Together has raised more than $100,000 to flip the Senate in 2020, and tens of thousands more for other causes over the years (such as relief for Puerto Rico).  But now we’re in a final sprint to the general election of 2020, and we’re focusing our efforts.

Vote Forward

Vote Forward is a voter-canvassing effort that’s perfect for our pandemic era.  You write letters or send postcards to voters to remind them to get to the polls.  We’ll even give you all the supplies you need!  Write Jeanne at or Bernadine at to join in. Let us know if you need us to include stamps, or if you will provide them for your packet. You can also print your own letters by going to the site and signing up. You can really make a difference!

If you want to write letters while hanging out with other folks — which is pretty fun! — then there’s a Vote Forward letter writing event every Wednesday at 5:30 pm, conducted by Alyson Slutsky. To contact her: There’s also a Thursday group, every week at 4:00 pm; contact Frank at

Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting is an easy and common-sense way to reduce the toxicity of our politics and allow our choices at the ballot box to expand past the two party duopoly.  Voters just rank their choices in order on their ballots, and if your first choice loses, your second choice is counted.  You never need choose between the lesser of two evils out of fear of losing your voice.

RCV is on the ballot in Massachusetts, and we need everyone to Vote Yes on 2!  Want a yard sign?  Get one now — this will really make a difference in showing people that this isn’t a crazy theory.

You also need to do one other thing: talk to your friends and relatives in Massachusetts.  Tell them you support this reform and why.  Tell them they’re already doing it in Maine.  Get the word out.  This could change everything.


Lift+Every+Vote is sending postcards to legions of marginal voters to get them to the polls — and they need our help!  It’s working amazingly well, and we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of postcards to new Florida voters, contested Georgia voters.. and soon, Pennsylvania!  Ready to join the effort? Email Sarah at and let her know 1) How many postcards you’d like to write; and 2) whether you can provide your own postage or would like it provided.  It’s like casting forty votes instead of one — and in battleground states!  Get with it!

Adopt a State

Want to focus your response?  Join Vote Save America‘s Adopt a State program.  You can directly support the work of organizers, volunteers, and candidates in the six key battleground states that will be most important to delivering a progressive majority in 2020. Just pick a state here, sign up, and they will get you everything you need to make a big difference this November.

Also, don’t forget to complete the CENSUS and check your  VOTER REGISTRATION.

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7/30/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, Do you feel the urgency of now? It’s hard out there.  There’s a pandemic that’s put many of us out of work and out of childcare.  We’re rocked by the strife of our inequitable systems.  And we’re years-deep into a bitter battle with governmental cruelty. And so… we…
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7/21/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, “We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable,” says Greta Thunberg. “We can no longer look away from what our society has been ignoring for so long whether it is equality, justice or sustainability.” We’re witnessing something mighty, folks.  We witnessed it in…
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7/15/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, We live in an incredibly litigious society.  People sue each other constantly over all kinds of nonsense — I mean, last year a Tennessee doctor sued a former patient for $25,000 because she left him a bad Yelp review.  But astonishingly, you usually can’t sue the police.  They’re protected…
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7/7/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together,  “I knew then and I know now that, when it comes to justice,there is no easy way to get it.”   – Claudette Colvin  118 Days to the General Election. But who’s counting??  Let’s CELEBRATE the victories we are having as we continue to build momentum!   No faithless…
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7/1/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, It’s crazy to think that it’s 2020 and we’re having a debate about how much we should be honoring the Confederacy.  Yes, they’re tearing down the Confederate flag in Mississippi, but there’s a looming conflict brewing over the defense bill in Congress — the president has vowed to veto it if…
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6/24/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, Justice doesn’t begin next year, after the election.  Justice doesn’t begin next month, or next week, or tomorrow.  We must start pursuing justice today — and every day.  What’s your cause? #MorseForce  (contact Ed S to help elect a progressive to replace Rep. Richie Neal) #TeamGideon (contact Maddy A to help…
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6/21/20 Wtown Select Board BLM Notice

Dear Greylock Together, Tomorrow night (Monday the 22nd) at 7:00 pm, the Williamstown Select Board is meeting.  One of the issue they will be considering is whether or not to paint BLACK LIVES MATTER on Spring Street, as proposed by Randy F. in a recent letter to the board.  The…
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6/18/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together, There are big events happening this weekend in both Williamstown (on Friday) and North Adams (on Saturday).  Now is the time when you might decide that you did enough — you went to a protest and made some calls, and now there’s other stuff going on in…
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6/2/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together,“I want their hearts to be broken,” Ricky Grant, in conversation during a #BlackLivesMatter Town Hall with Senator Markey on 5/31. “I want you to please, don’t be defensive and please look at what’s happening and allow your heart to be broken. Once your heart breaks you will…
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5/27/20 newsletter

Dear Greylock Together,There’s a lot going on, so let’s get right to it.Phonebanking for Sara Gideon.  To flip the Senate in 2020, we MUST win Maine. Susan Collins was the deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and to pass the 2017 Republican tax bill. She has moved…
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