Greylock Together is one of thousands of Indivisible groups fighting for progressive values and a stronger democracy. We are grassroots, loosely structured, and action-oriented. Since the 2016 election, we have supported progressive candidates at the federal, state, and local levels; organized town halls with elected officials; called our representatives about issues that are important to us; organized fundraisers for a more just world; called upon corporations to enact socially-responsible policies; welcomed expert speakers; organized rallies; hosted book clubs on topical issues; and tried to make our community, our nation, and our world more just, equitable, and responsive.

Before the pandemic, we met in Williamstown (Williamstown Youth Center) and in North Adams (UNO Center), every other Sunday from 3:00-4:30.




Since our formation in November 2016, Greylock Together has:

– Created a series of grassroots action alerts for our members, helping push for sound policy across a broad spectrum of issues.
– Organized voter registration efforts, education events for children, civil rights training, tax policy information sessions, and community engagement with immigration efforts.
– Formed strong connections with our elected officials at the local and state levels.
– Organized a forum with Massachusetts State Senator Adam Hinds to discuss how we can use state-level legislation to protect our own citizens and serve as a model for other states.
– Successfully lobbied local politicians to co-sponsor legislation related to internet privacy.
– Worked with local law enforcement to develop sound policies around justice for all citizens.
– Created fact sheets related to key issues that are being debated at the national level.
– Formed partnerships with other grassroots political action groups throughout Massachusetts as well as in New York State and Vermont.
– Directed people to specific actions they can take to affect the political process.
– Researched and approved a slate of legislative actions and began planning to press for its passage on a local, state, and national level.
– Come together socially in order to nourish the community that our activism is centered on.
– Launched a book group to better understand what’s happening in our politics.

***We raised more than $100,000 to flip the Senate in 2020, and over the last 4 years we raised tens of thousands more for other causes (such as relief for Puerto Rico).

To learn more about us and how to get involved, please come to a meeting, subscribe to our newsletter, or email us (links above)!