Survey Answers: 1st Berkshire

Greylock Together is a group of 400+ progressive activists dedicated to promoting traditional American values of justice, freedom, and equity. Over the course of several months, we used group surveys, discussion, and votes at our meetings to identify a set of specific legislative goals that we want to see accomplished to improve our lives, the lives of our children, and the lives of our neighbors. These goals are all strongly supported by a supermajority of our members.

Not each goal is immediately actionable for a state representative, but it’s important to us that our allies on Beacon Hill share our values and will support our goals throughout their career, wherever it may take them.  We sent this survey to all four declared candidates for the 1st Berkshire seat that will be contended this year.  We have received responses from Lisa Blackmer, Stephanie Bosley, and Kevin Towle.