GT Newsletter, 12 January 2021

Dear Greylock Together,

Well.  That was a hell of a thing, wasn’t it?

The House in 2018.  The presidency in 2020.  And the Senate in 2021.  President Trump will leave office broadly recognized as a proto-fascist white supremacist, who incompetently managed every domestic crisis and tried to corrupt every institution within his reach.  In his final flailings, Trump gathered a mob, told them to march on Congress with him to overturn the results of an election, and then went home to watch the carnage.

The vote for the second impeachment is tomorrow morning.  Just a few minutes ago, the 55-page report from House Judiciary counsel was released, laying out the facts of the case.  The third-ranking Republican in the House, Liz Cheney, has announced with other Republicans that they will join in the impeachment.  No matter what happens in the Senate — and it’s not a foregone conclusion! — President Trump will go down in history as the only president to be impeached twice.

Sorry, I’m really underselling it.  President Trump is a failure of historic proportions.  He’s the only president to lose both chambers of Congress and their own reelection.  He has failed to pass any significant legislation except for a swathe of tax cuts, most of which have a ten-year duration.  His accomplishments will amount to a legion of judges, gift-wrapped to him by Minority Leader (!!!) Mitch McConnell, half a border wall, and a broken Republican Party.

And so we will bid goodbye to Trump, and

The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

Next.  What then for the future?

We’ll be starting monthly meetings again soon.  We’ll have sharp focus on things we can change.  Greylock Together has always been a practical group.

  • We’re going to demand progressive results from the people we worked so hard to elect.  They work for us.
  • We’re going to be working on reforming our state party.  You might be surprised to find out how much clout we have, and how much we need to do with it.
  • We’re going to fight for racial justice.  There’s work to do, both here and elsewhere.
  • We’re going to fight for economic justice.  No one should be hungry.
  • 2022 is going to be a hard election, and right next door in particular: New Hampshire needs our help.

Fight for change.  Do what you can.  We stop when the earth is free.

Thank You.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard for so long.  Stay safe — we are grateful for your tireless work!

Indivisible Guide.  There’s a new version of this short (30 page) guide.  The 2016 version changed the country and informed our every call to action.  Now there’s a new playbook.  Take a look.  It’s basically 100% right.

Indivisible Mass Call for Action.  The state Indivisibles pass this on:

We are rallying residents of Western Mass to send mass numbers of calls to our MoC’s encouraging their support of Trump’s removal from office immediately.

We ask that you call Congressman Neal and Senators Warren and Markey on Wednesday, starting at 9:00AM (calls can also be made throughout the week).

You can use this tool from Indivisible to be connected to Congressman Neal.…

And this tool from Indivisible to be connected to our Senators.…

Book Group.  The February book group pick will be Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson.  The March pick will be Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America, by Kurt Anderson.  Grab your copies soon and get ready to read and chat!

Check out more news from this week at Muckraker Farm.

Events (GCal,iCal)

No events scheduled.


Resist and persist!

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