GT Update: April 25, 2017

Hello Greylock Together,

Another week, with many of us back from April break, and Congress back in D.C., much continues to happen!

What it means to be Active

This past Sunday, we heard from some of our committee chairs about their motivation for leading their groups – it was inspirational to hear their personal, thoughtful, yet urgent drive behind their activism. With all that’s happened in these last 96 days, it’s important to step back and away from the work we’re all doing to reflect on the 30,000 foot view and refocus on what’s driving each of us to action. Have these conversations with your friends, and celebrate one another for caring and doing.

I’ve had many exchanges with people on the Greylock Together list who apologize for not yet making it to a meeting, or not being able to come lately, etc., but I want to urge you to not think this way! This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re going to need to take turns with the baton over these next 3.75 years. Don’t spend a minute feeling regretful about not doing more – spend it energizing to DO more! Whether it’s checking out a talk you’ve seen advertised, having a meaningful conversation with a friend, showing up to a Greylock Together meeting, calling Congress, donating to a nonprofit, or helping out an acquaintance in the community, no action is too small.

In this vein, our own Alexander Davis has created a Greylock Together Action Checklist, which he handed out to attendees at our meeting this past Sunday. I’m attaching it here for your viewing, printing, and checking off pleasure! Print up a few and share them with friends!

Not In Our Town Screening – 7 p.m. on Wednesday 4/26 at Images Cinema

We are excited to be partnering with Multicultural Bridge and Images Cinema to bring you a screening of “Not In Our Town,” a film that launched a movement across the country when a group of ordinary citizens in Billings, Montana joined together to stand up to hate when their neighbors were under attack by white supremacists. Gwendolyn VanSant of Multicultural Bridge will facilitate a discussion following the 30-minute film. This event is sponsored by the Williams College Davis Center, though we would be happy to take a suggested donation of $5 to support the work being done by Greylock Together, Multicultural Bridge, and Images. See you at the movies tomorrow evening!

The Russian Connection

Have you let your Members of Congress (MOC) know yet that we haven’t forgotten about our demand of an independent investigation into Russian interference in our elections? provides resources on many calls, but here is their suggested script for getting in touch with the Senate Intelligence Committee to let them know that we’re still paying attention, and that we still want a proper, non-partisan, independent investigation.

“There is no Planet B”

The March for Jobs, Justice, & Climate takes place this Saturday, April 29 in Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

Learn more at or find a march nearby:

Bring your kids and join us to make posters before you head off to nearby march. Taking place at the Williams Environmental Center (in the basement kitchen) on Saturday morning from 10-11am. For those heading to the Boston or Greenfield (or DC) marches, this will unfortunately be too late for you. For those hitting the Springfield march, please consider joining us! Posterboard and markers will be provided.  But feel free to bring along more of any other supplies you or others might want! 

The march in Springfield starts at 3 p.m. See here for more info including the march route.. 

While you’re thinking about the climate, see how one Tea Party conservative suggests we more effectively reach out to climate change skeptics. Article (including short video) here.

Consumer Power

Several emails ago, we linked to an organization called the Sleeping Giants, who use the power of the consumer to let large corporations know that we disapprove of their advertising support of odious organizations; with an emphasis on getting advertisers to leave Breitbart. We’ve seen the power of public outrage in ousting Bill O’Reilly from Fox, and most advertisers have dropped Breitbart. still needs to join the bandwagon, so call Amazon customer support at (888) 280-4331 and tell them that Breitbart shares hateful, false content and that you’d like to see them drop them as an advertising site.

While you’re at it, I’ve noticed that MountainOne has advertisements up at Breitbart. For those of us who bank there, or know people who work there, we know that they don’t represent hate and bigotry. Many online advertising mechanisms sell packages of ads, or outsource the work to larger groups, and I’m guessing MountainOne isn’t making a conscious decision to advertise at Breitbart. Still, let’s call them and let them know we’ve noticed their ads are up on Breitbart, and we feel that their values don’t jive with those espoused by Breitbart and urge them to no longer advertise there. (Be friendly but firm! Our friends and neighbors may be answering the phone.)

MountainOne Customer Care Center: (855) 444-6861. (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

For Patriots Fans

From Rogan’s Daily To-Do list (an excellent resource and fount of ideas), here’s something for the Pats fans in our midst. “Defensive tackle Alan Branch said that he could not go to the White House for the New England Patriots meeting with Trump because he’d never be able to look his daughters in the eyes again. Link to Boston Globe article on this story. Let’s thank him and the other 29 plays who chose not to attend for standing up for their beliefs:  Alan Branch/New England Patriots, c/o New England Patriots, One Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA 02035

And now, stay tuned for an exciting week in D.C., where we will see what budget and healthcare measures get put into play.

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