GT Update: May 9, 2017

Dear Greylock Together,
Alexander Davis has some reflections on what we can do immediately now that FBI Director James Comey has been fired:

Reaction to the Termination of FBI Director Comey
The FBI is currently investigating the Trump campaign/administration and any potential improper communications with Russia.  And yet, tonight the president fired FBI Director Comey — terminating the head of the only credible investigation into any malfeasance (given the circuses of the House and Senate Republican-led “investigations”).  Regardless of your opinion of Comey and regardless of whether you agree with the administration’s stated reasons for the firing, no fair observer could conclude that there is any path forward beyond a special prosecutor, appointed by Congress.  There is no other credible choice.
Congressional authority to appoint a special prosecutor lapsed in 1999 — the last one was Ken Starr — and so the Ethics in Government Act must be amended.  Several members of Congress (including Republican Justin Amash!) have already said that they will be working to make this happen and to get a credible independent investigator on the case.  Tomorrow, call your representatives and ask that they support this effort.  No other outcome is acceptable.
Senator Markey for Mass    202-224-2742
Senator Warren for Mass    202-224-4543
Senator Sanders for VT    202-224-5141
Senator Leahy for VT    202-224-4242
Senator Schumer for NY    202-224-6542
Senator Gillibrand for NY    202-224-4451
Guide us with your voice — take the Legislative Scorecard Survey
One of our purposes in Greylock Together is unity: by joining our voices together, we speak with greater strength. To that end, one of our new initiatives is going to be to seek the passage of legislation that we think will help our communities, our states, and our country.  Several people have put together a slate of proposals that we think might be worth endorsing as a group: legislation for civil rights, protecting the environment, economic justice, and more.  This slate doesn’t include every worthy bill, but some of the potential laws that we think are both important and practical.  We want to hear what you have to say about these ideas!  Which ones do you support, which ones do you oppose, and what other ideas do you have?
Once we have settled on a list of proposals that Greylock Together can support as a group, we will be creating a Greylock Together Legislator’s Checklist for all of our representatives.  It will list which ideas do your state senators or congressional representatives support, and which they refuse to endorse.  And then we will work with them to get them on board!
Please spend a few minutes of your time taking this first survey (of 3) regarding Voting Reform. Your voice is our voice.
Discussion About Race
For anyone who is interested in beginning a discussion about race and how it affects our lives, the lives of people we know, our society, and our future, please join us for a conversation this Sunday, May 14th, 3:00-4:30 p.m. at The Log on Spring Street in Williamstown. We’ve reserved the Black Room (room in the front of the restaurant) for this chat. No prior experience necessary, all questions welcome, we just want to talk!
Great Weekend
This past weekend there was a lot of great activity by members of our community on a variety of fronts.
– Williamstown’s inaugural cleanup day saw 60+ folks come out and pick up litter all around town.
– A group of Greylock Together members went over to help canvas for NY-19, registered voters, and gathered a lot of petition signatures by constituents of John Faso who were unimpressed with his vote for the House’s Healthcare Act.
– The Pittsfield Human Rights Commission hosted a panel discussion about Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.
– Our Greylock Together meeting on Sunday featured a Drive Green information session organized by the Williamstown COOL committee and the Center for Eco Technology where a whole lineup of electric vehicles were on hand for test drives, we learned about rebates and tax incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, and owners of electric vehicles told us what they liked about their cars.
– Finally, our littlest community members also got together for a great Kids Connect event in which they learned about bees! And we were all able to sample delicious dandelion cookies and dandelion root tea baked and brewed by Marjorie March. Thanks to everyone who made these rewarding events possible!
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