Not a Drill

Well, folks, I guess we’ve been training for this moment since 2016. Being able to wake up, strap on our hope-is-an-action armor, and step out into the uncertainty of every single day. Now that the universe has made it literally a matter of life-and-death to pay attention to the signs that the world simply is NOT normal (and yes, people thought we were extreme and “radical” back when we warned that everything was on fire at the beginning of this very dark presidency)…like it or not, WE are the most equipped for this. Staying focused and united #TOGETHER, even when we are #socialdistancing from our separate home nests, is critical. Sharing organizing tools, trusted information, resources, action steps and hopefully, best practices as we keep each other safe (from at least 6 feet apart).
We’ll be cancelling all formal GT meetings, rallies, fundraising gatherings and in-person book groups and voter empowerment letter-writing get-togethers, but we will NOT be going through this alone. We’ll do our best to continue newsletter and FB outreach and welcome others to add to our growing list of resources. Meanwhile, we’ll put on our creative pandemic face masks and remember what got us here. The belief in a TRUE and possible form of democracy based on bold new progressive policies–one that can include us all through justice and equity–one that doesn’t rely on borders, and one that doesn’t separate us from each other because of our ideologies, identities or socioeconomic status. Thank you to the #Cartfamily (whose happy home I pass each day on my morning walk before the killer hill) for reminding me this morning that the HOPE we can all maintain on a daily basis comes from actual, discernible, visual, tactile expressions that we must add into our every day “walks,” wherever they may be, from one uncertain day to the next. @blogalacart #GreylockTogether 
Join in and help lead your neighbors–from afar–because every single small act truly makes a difference, now more than ever. #GreylockGetTogether #evenwhenapart 
#resist #persist #washyourhands

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