3/21/20 COVID-19 Info

Dear Greylock Together,

Usually our newsletter is on Tuesdays, but events are moving fast and people need help.  Here’s more info about local needs and opportunities.  Share this with other local people, please.  Anyone who wants to sign up for this newsletter may do so at our website.

This is important.  Even if you don’t need anything or have anything extra, you should try to find a way to help if you have the time and energy.  It’s not enough to just sit back and ride things out — to hope for good things from a distance.  Find ways to help.  Remember: “hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.” (Francis Bacon)

Masks Need Sewing.  BMC recently got some supplies of PPE (personal protective equipment) from the federal stockpile, but stocks are still quite low.  This is one way in which our community might be able to help.  If you are willing and able to sew surgical masks, please consider making some for the front-liners who need them.  Instructions are here.  They’re very simple and the design is already approved by BMC.  Contact Jessica Chittenden at Jchittendenlmhc@gmail.com if you’re willing, and she’ll tell you about safe drop-off procedures.

Food Info.  Do you need food, or do you want to donate some?  The Greylock Glass has consolidated information about food supplies at shelters, churches, and the like on this map.  If you recently lost your job and you’re suddenly food insecure, don’t be shy!  These services exist for you!

Mutual Aid.  There’s a Facebook group set up for setting up mutual aid and dispensing info in the county.  Check it out here.  We’re also looking into joining this campaign for mutual aid, but if you need help before then with something, please join their Slack and ask! And finally, The Greylock Glass has also set up this mutual aid board.  If you have services or supplies to donate, including being willing to deliver things, please volunteer on the board.

Unemployment Benefits Help.  If you’re out of work and need help applying for unemployment, go to one of the virtual town halls that the DUA is running here.  Please apply ASAP in case there’s delays!

Petition for Grocery, Pharmacy, Food Workers.  There are a ton of people doing simply vital work right now and risking themselves to do it, but they’re not entitled to appropriate benefits.  Sign this petition to have them designated as essential emergency personnel.

Tax Day Delayed.  The federal government is moving tax day to July 15.  Current understanding is that returns and refunds will still be processed if you submit by the usual date of April 15, but the deadline for doing so is now extended out to July, and you will suffer no penalties if you wait.

RMV Inspections Delayed.  There’s a two-month extension for anyone whose inspection sticker expires in March or April.  More (and complicated) details here if this affects you.

Reminder: Blood Drive.  Reminder that there is a blood drive this Tuesday!  The South Williamstown Community Association is organizing a blood drive at the South Williamstown Historical Museum on Tuesday, March 24th from 9am – 2pm.  All donations made via Berkshire Health Systems help local patients, and for those dealing with cancer, other illnesses, and emergencies, the need is great.  Blood donations are needed urgently as many have stopped donating due to COVID-19.  Donors are requested to be healthy without any symptoms of cough, cold, or fever.  Please schedule an appointment today, which helps prevent long wait times and assists BHS to plan for this event.  To sign up, please contact (413) 447-2597 x 2 or camuso@bhs1.org

Reminder: Stop and Shop.  Reminder that each Stop & Shop has early hours for customers who are aged 60 and older from 6:00 to 7:30 AM daily.  In Williamstown, the Council on Aging can provide transport — contact the Harper Center at 458.8250.

Reminder: Command Center.  The COVID-19 Command Center is open for inquiries from individuals become aware of resources, needs, and individuals who would like to volunteer.  Call 413-662-3614 (7am to 7pm) or email at nbcovid@gmail.com.  There’s a lot of calls, so you might be on hold for a short time.

Events (GCal,iCal)

None.  Stay home.


Resist and persist!

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